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In case of prolonged sitting position (especially long trips):
• Wear light medical stockings.
• Do not cross your legs when you sit, as it reduces the venous return.
• Regulary make circular and flexion-extension movements of the ankles.
• Lay your legs in stretching them to the maximum.
• At regular intervals, get up and walk.

In case of prolonged standing posture and/or of trampling, it is regularly necessary in a day:
• To wear light medical stockings.
• To make ten consecutive steps and to do a few push-ups on knees.
• To hop on the spot or move the weight from foot to foot, on toes.
• To contract and relax the muscles of the legs.
• As far as possible, to avoid carrying heavy loads.
• If your occupation forces you to be daily standing, compensate by periods of walk, several times a day.
To improve the comfort of legs:
• Do not wear too tight clothing, underclothing or accessories (belts, socks).
• The shoes must be flexible and comfortable, the ideal height of heel being around 6 cm.
• Avoid the heat sources on the level of the legs (heating, very hot baths).
• On the evening: shower your legs with cold water, mass the lower limbs in a very soft way from the feet to the thighs; rest with your legs elevated from 10 to 15 cm.

Nutritional advice:
• Fight against overweight and balance your food.
• Restrict your consumption of stimulants: coffee, tea, alcohol… to prevent dilation of the veins.
• Frequently drink water, for a good hydration.
• Fight against constipation (which increases the venous pressure) by consuming foods rich in fibres (fruits, vegetables…).


Practice if possible a physical activity:
• All the sports favoring the venous return are recommended: walk, road bicycle, cross-country skiing, swimming, gymnastics, water activities…
• Are to be practiced with precaution and without excess all the sports which accentuate the phenomenon of gravity or favor trampling and violent contacts: tennis, collective ball sports (football, rugby, volleyball, handball…), windsurfing, Alpine skiing…
• Are to be limited as much as possible all the sports obstructing the venous return: by respiratory blocking or traumatic risk (weightlifting, bodybuilding, judo and sports of combat, aerobics, squash…), by the posture or the tight clothing equipment (archery, canoe-kayak, rowing, horse-riding…).
• Whatever your tastes, remember that the physical activity is always preferable to an excessive settled way of life. No sport is truly prohibited, on condition of being practiced with moderation, and more regularly than intensively. If you practice a sport non favorable for your veins, compensate by a more beneficial activity (walk, bicycle…).