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Ablation Sélective des Varices sous Anésthesie Locale


  1. A modern method:
    the method A.S.V.A.L. is selective and not very aggressive, because it eliminates only the diseased veins, irretrievable. It is conservative and minimally invasive, preserving as much as possible the saphenous vein so that it can be used for vascular bypassif necessary in the future.
  2. A gentle method:
    A.S.V.A.L. is a gentle method that removes diseased veins through micro-incisions of 1-2 mm, realised with a needle instead of scalpel . There are no stitches, bruises and postoperative pain is minimal.
  3. A safe method:
    the technique A.S.V.A.L. is made under local anesthesia, very diluted, which greatly reduces the risk of anesthesia. In fact, the anesthesia used is comparable to the one used by dentists for dental treatment.
  4. A method without hospitalization:
    Hospitalization is not necessary; patient is discharged 1 or 2 hours after surgery.
  5. A simple and aesthetic method:
    There are no large surgical incisions and no stitches. The micro-incisions are closed and covered with steril-strips (small patches), waterproof that allow you to take a shower within 48 hours of surgery. The aesthetic result is remarkable. The return to work and normal activity is rapid with the obligation to wear elastic stockings only for a few days.