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The first contact with the surgeon is often a little feared by the patient, who decided to undergo surgeryfor varicose veins. One purpose of the examination is to clarify the doubts and to avoid anxieties related to surgical intervention, before leaving the doctor’s office.

The surgeon begins by ask you questions about your medical history, then perform a complete medical examination of your vascular system, examines your clinical examinations (Doppler, X-rays, blood tests, etc), or you requires further tests to better investigate your case.

The surgeon will provide you explanations about your illness and the various treatment options to choose together the best solutionMutual confidence between doctor and patient is essential in any medical treatment.

Once the decision you can always call for further questions before the intervention.



The day of surgery you will enter the clinic at the appointed time, on an empty stomach.

After the procedure, which is performed in the operating room, the surgeon will put elastic stocking and a bandage, then you will go back in your room. You will be discharged after 2 hours, after receiving details on the intervention by the surgeon and recommendations for the postoperative period.

You cannot drive back home for medical-legal reasons, we recommend someone to drive you home. It’s important to walk at home.